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Product Name: Liquid Zinc fertilizer

Product Details
Brief DescriptionJinmai- Sugar alcohol Zinc?

Technical Index:?Zinc 300g/L

Adopt suga......url:

Detailed Product Description
Jinmai- Sugar alcohol Zinc?

Technical Index:?Zinc 300g/L

Adopt sugar alcohol chelating technology, add efficient addition agent,crafted highly efficient chelating zinc fertilizer.high-usage and fast?absorption?rate by foliage.To prevent the physiological diseases of Leaflets, yellow leaves, stunted growth, small plants, caused by zinc deficiency. After application, it can increase crop photosynthetic efficiency, promote development, improve anti-disease resistance and increase yield.

1.?Obvious therapeutic effect on the physiological diseases caused by Zinc deficiency.
2.?Obvious therapeutic effect on corn with?whiten seedling,tasseling and silking dealy, lack kernel, bald head.
3.?Obvious therapeutic effect on rice with runt seedling,growth dwarfed,tillering delayed,root atrophy,growing period?delayed.
Obvious therapeutic effect on peanut and soybean with leaves yellowing?,?lobular.

Application Method:

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