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New Product
Product Name: the Philippines liquid nitrogen tank for freezing stem cells

Product Details
Brief DescriptionThe Dewar bottle is used in the laboratory to contain liquid nitrogen.
Model NoYDD-750
MaterialStainless steel
Place of OriginChina
TypeStorage or Transport
applicationfrozen semen
FeaturesVacuum insulation
Special FeaturesThe Dewar bottle is used in the laboratory to contain liquid nitrogen.
Payment and Shipping Terms
Payment TermsL/C,D/A,D/P,T/T
Min. Order Quantity1
Capacity6000 sets per month
Delivery Time7-15days

Detailed Product Description
Vapor-phase liquid nitrogen tank,also known as"stem cell liquid nitrogen tank",is named after it is often used to establish stem cell banks.It is different from ordinary liquid nitrogen containers.It has two storage modes:gas phase and liquid phase.The sample storage method is unconventional and its working principle is break the usual.
Sample storage methods in gas phase liquid nitrogen tanks:
Partition management,gas phase preservation!The inner tank of the stem cell liquid nitrogen tank is divided into two areas.The upper area is for samples,which is the storage area for stem cells,embryos,bacteria,etc;the lower area is for liquid nitrogen storage only and does not contain any samples.
The bottom position,which is the liquid nitrogen storage area,is equipped with an evaporator to provide evaporated nitrogen for sample storage to cool down.The sample is only"close"to the liquid nitrogen,but does not touch it,and the volatilized low-temperature nitrogen is used to store the cells.
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