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Product Name: Agitator

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Brief DescriptionDescription of productsLiquid and gas media forced convection and mixing dev......url:

Detailed Product Description
Description of productsLiquid and gas media forced convection and mixing device. Agitator type, size and speed of stirring power distribution between the overall flow and turbulent flow pulsation are affected. Generally speaking, the turbine agitator power allocation for turbulent fluctuation, and the propeller agitator is good for the overall flow. For the same type of agitator, the power consumption under the same conditions, large diameter and low speed of mixer, main power consumption on the overall flow, is advantageous to the macroscopic mix. Small diameter, high speed mixer, power consumption mainly in turbulent fluctuation, is advantageous to the micromixing. Agitator amplification is related to the technological process of complicated problem, so far only by experience, step by step according to the criterion to enlarge, extrapolation to industrial scale.Type(1) propeller agitator(2) turbine agitator(3) paddle mixer(4) anchor......url:

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