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Brief DescriptionDescription of productsPrinciple of the heater core is the energy conversion......url:

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Description of productsPrinciple of the heater core is the energy conversion, the most widely is the electrical energy is converted into heat energy. Such as electric heaters, the use of metal in the alternating magnetic field produces eddy heat absorption and make itself, it the electric energy into light energy. Such as solar water heater, solar radiation heat and sunlight absorbed light ( the photoelectric effect ) is converted into heat energy both biomass based on biological carrier will be a kind of energy storage of solar energy in the form of chemical energy, which directly or indirectly from the photosynthesis of plants. In addition, there is nuclear power, wind power energy conversion mode, but generally need to be converted into electricity use.Technical performance1) Big power, small volume, warming faster2) Using intelligent control mode, the temperature control precision is high, can connect with computer3) The applicati......url:

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