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Product Name: Polypeptide Power

Product Details
Brief DescriptionJinmai- Polypeptide Power

Technology Index:
Humic acid 70g/L Calcium and Magnesi......url:

Detailed Product Description
Jinmai- Polypeptide Power

Technology Index:
Humic acid 70g/L Calcium and Magnesium 100g/L NPK 100g/L Organic matter 210g/L Amino acid(Polypeptide) 100g/L Compound trace elements 20g/L

1. It is rich in organic active substances ,rooting factors and a variety of nutrient elements needed for crop growth.After application, it can stimulate the plant cell to divide and elongate, active the root cell tissue activity, promote germination and root growth, increase yield greatly.
2. Increase the content of organic matter in the soil, improve the living environment of microorganisms, activate the soil's original fertility, and improve the soil permeability and water retention.
3. Fully activate the plant's inherent potential, improve the activity of the enzyme, improve the resistance of crops to cold, drought, waterlogging,salinity and disease. It has obvious resistance to death seedling, black spot, root rot caused by continuo......url:

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